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Use case Designed for small- to mid-sized teams to host better meetings with productive meeting features built right into the call. Skype was originally designed for people making personal voice calls. Skype now promotes itself for business use, but has no productive meeting features.
Meeting management
Agendas and resources Access timed meeting agendas right in the call, with resources and speaker assignments. You must screenshare a tab or separate tool to share an agenda on Skype.
Collaborative notes Take collaborative notes right in your meeting, where you can see participants and work together to capture ideas. Easily export your work when you’re done. You can screenshare a document on Skype but if you want to edit a document together, you can only use the Microsoft suite and you must have a paid account.
Multiple screenshares Multiple participants can share their screen at once, making it easier to collaborate. Screensharing on Skype is one-way: only one person at a time can share their screen with the other callers.
Syncing with Google Calendar Meetings can be created and managed from wherever you schedule them and edits stay in sync. The paid tier on Skype syncs with Microsoft Outlook but it doesn't work with Google calendars.
Custom meeting names Create memorable meeting rooms for recurring meetings, projects, or clients. Custom domains are a paid feature and the free Skype room names are alphanumeric gibberish.
Meeting controls Hosts and participants can democratically manage meetings and let participants in. Only available for the paid tier on Skype and only presenters have full control of the call.
Cloud-based recording Cloud-based recordings that you can access forever, download, and share with others. Cloud recordings are available for 30 days.
Build connections
Game Keep early attendees engaged and foster friendly competition before meetings start. Skype built-in games have been discontinued.
Teammate details Get to know your meeting participants better and understand their contributions in context of their professional background or expertise. Skype profiles are limited to personal information that includes a picture, location, and birthdate.
Emoji reactions Use a wide range of reactions with auditory notifications to express how you really feel. Limited range of reactions available.
Statuses Designed to fit naturally into meetings with visual cues and auditory notifications. You are unable to change your status while you are on a Skype call.
Web-based meetings No device-specific app downloads, anyone can host or join meetings from the browser. Skype's optimal experience requires downloading their app.
No sign-up requirements Anyone can start a free, public meeting on and share the link to invite guests. You can start and join a Skype call as a guest with limited features for up to 24 hours.

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