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When You Can't Measure It, You Won't Fix It

According to Google Trends data, as much of America’s knowledge workers settled in for the second month of working at home under the COVID-19 work from home mandates, ‘Zoom fatigue’ hit an all-time high. But the truth is, it’s not just being stuck at home and having most of our … Read more →

3 Online Meeting KPIs That Can Uncover a Toxic Workplace Culture

With an estimated 42 percent of the U.S. labor force currently working from home full-time, your online meetings have become how you keep your workplace culture alive. Unfortunately, these same virtual meetings may also be contributing to creating a toxic workplace culture that … Read more →


Today we are excited to share -- a way to get right to the meeting you're supposed to be in right now. At any given moment, if you visit the site, it will look at your calendar, see what video call you're meant to be in, and take you right there. It works with most v… Read more →

Zoom treats you like a child

Deeply ingrained in Zoom's defaults are choices that do not encourage us to expect the best from each other. We spend such vast amounts of time in video meetings now that we should question what behaviors our platforms are driving us to, and how they affect our interactions wit… Read more →

Camera on or off? A UX approach to video meeting fatigue

Video conferencing is the new office / living room / dinner table / doctors office... As the spaces of our social lives have transitioned to a limited number of software interfaces, fatigue and burnout has skyrocketed taxing our mental health and productivity. While video co… Read more →

Please interrupt me!

At Team.Video, one of our founding principles is "be inclusive". In life, and in video meetings, there are folks who are more and less inclined to speak. Sometimes folks get excited, and have a lot to say about a topic. It can be hard in video meetings for others to find a pl… Read more →

Introducing Team.Video

Team.Video is built for remote teams, by a remote team. We'd like to introduce you to the product - which is now in open beta. We built Team.Video with two foundational principles in mind: 1. Team meetings should be as inclusive as possible; and 2. Team meetings should be … Read more →

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